Audiovisual & Lighting Services in VA, DC & All of East Coast by AV Creation Group

AV Creation Group takes pride in presenting you one of the finest Audiovisual & Lighting services in VA, DC and all of East Coast. Our audio, video, and lighting services are present in everything we do. We provide support for conventions, exhibits, trade shows, associations, production companies, and a whole host of other corporate-sponsored gatherings as well as in-house management for convention centers, hotels, and resorts.

Whether you are launching a product, conducting a seminar, having a show/party or holding an exhibition in your art gallery, we handle it all. Backed up by 17 years’ worth of experience, AV Creation Group will equip you with the finest gear, an excellent staff, and the highest levels of support imaginable. We’ll do our part to make sure things look, sound, and shine beyond standards.

Indulge Your Senses with AV Creation

AV Creation works to bring your event into life. The sounds that resonate among the walls and the vision before you, there is a science to them.  We make sure that the sounds and view such created conform to you, your guests and the ambience you seek by striking the perfect fusion of technology, equipment, and meticulous calculation of numbers.

Light – whole college majors, professions, and works of art are dedicated solely to this life-giving electromagnetic radiation. However, we see that the importance of lighting in spaces is often underestimated. Our lighting services are not just the icing on the cake of your big presentation. They are an integral ingredient that creates the visuals, mood, and interaction necessary for a powerfully unforgettable experience. With our services, you’ll light up the room (in more ways than one).

But sometimes everyone can’t be in the same room. We offer both audio conference service and video conferencing service so you can join voices and faces from across the globe.

Our job is to please your senses.

What equipment do our services include?

In short- EVE RYTHING.

Lights, screens, projections, high-definition monitors, surround sound speaker systems; and that’s just a start. AV Creation provides all the equipment you need to run your show, exhibit, convention, or meeting. Our techs will be there every step of the way to ensure your audio-visual concepts turn into reality without a hitch.

At AV Creation, we love playing with lights and sounds. A venue is an uncut cloth and our clients are our favorite designers. If you have a vision of what you want your event to look like, let us know. We would love to try and find a way to do it. If you can’t decide yet, don’t worry. Our experts will help you in deciding what kind of space you want to create for your big event.

We also provide Audio, video and lighting equipment for rental.

Partner with AV Creation Group to enjoy the creativity, professionalism, and fun inherent in our audio, video and lighting solutions.

Why Us?

  • 21 years in the audio visual services
  • Proud service providers to various brands and events that include BMW, Vodafone, UEFA, City Bank, Hyundai and World Bank Ext.
  • One- stop solution for all audio visual needs creative solutions and technical support for events, conventions, shows and meetings.
  • Constant update on our equipment- meaning, your event shines like no other with the cutting-edge technology
  • Official sole distributor of LUMINA PRO Lighting in VA, MD and DC.